About Us

We would like to invite you to hunt with us on over 9000+ acres of privately managed land. Experienced guides are available to assist you in getting the best "bang" for your buck during your visit.

Deer Hunting in 2015

We offer deer, bear, turkey, waterfowl, and striper fishing. We can combine your hunt to include any combination the season allows.

We currently have 2 individual lodges that are located on 9000 acres. The lodges are fully equipped with kitchens, full bars, and decks with grills. Meals can be provided upon request. We are located 9 miles from over a dozen restaurants and several grocery stores. We have a processor, a butcher, and a taxidermist to assists you if needed. We handle all game cleaning and quartering. We also provide transportation to and from your stand site.

We are located in Edgecombe, Martin, Bertie, Halifax, and North Hampton Counties. These are the top 5 producing counties for deer in North Carolina.

Turkey Hunting in 2015

Rules & Regulations

NC Out of state license $160 for 10 days
You can kill up to 6 deer, 2 bucks, 4 does
No fines or penalties

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